Atlas Editions is a DeAgostini Group Company, which was founded in 1901 near Milan, Italy. The company’s origins lay in creating cartographic publications, atlases and encyclopedias. Today the group is one of the world’s leading media players operating in over 40 countries with partwork publishing firms alongside TV Production houses and printers. Atlas Editions is DeAgostini Group’s direct to consumer business, which for five decades has been a leading publisher and creator of themed collections and consumable products. Today, like its parent company, Atlas Editions remains as committed today as ever to the group’s original mission to provide consumers information and entertainment at an affordable price.   Atlas Editions operates throughout Europe and Scandinavia and has over 5 million customers and sends them over 40 million parcels each year.
In the UK Atlas Editions has grown from offering just one trial collection in 2002 to some 28 exclusive, home grown series ranging from Children’s products to family reference publications and models suitable for the serious adult collector.

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