GT Spirits designs and manufactures high-quality model cars for collectors and enthusiasts. Founded in 2009 by a small group of friends who share a passion for cars of all types, we quickly grew to become the leading fabricators of designer model cars. We create replicas of cars who have earned the right by their exceptional design to be made immortal by casting them in miniature scale (1:12 and 1:18).GT Spirits is currently focusing on five iconic luxury brands, namely Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Bentley. Within each brand, we search for the models which have never before been licensed to replicate. Not only do we focus on classic model-lines like the Porsche 356; we also produce modern designs recently released to the market like the BMW M3 E92 GTS. Using advance 3D imaging techniques and direct-from-the-manufacturer model specifications, we ensure our replicas have both the look and the feel of the real thing. For our models we have chosen not to introduce movable parts such as doors, however, our tires do spin, and focus instead on the finished look of the car, as if it were spinning on a dealership’s showroom floor.Our engineers are continuously searching for the best and latest materials in which to construct our cars. For the body, seats, chassis and dashboard of our models, we use a polyurethane resin. Polyurethane resin is produced in a liquid form and can be poured into silicon molds. When used for this purpose, the material is highly impressionable, which means that the slightest detail, such as a small crack, can be seen in the finished product. The mirrors, wheels, antennas and lights are made of a traditional plastic which maintains accessible pricing while not compromising in quality. Our excessive focus on design ensures our cars have an authentic look.As a finishing touch, all the car body parts are painted by hand. This is the longest process in the model car production. We apply a five-layer painting technique like it used to be done in the automotive industries before machines were introduced. This technique includes two layers of primer paint, two layers of colored paint, and one varnish layer. Each color is certified by the maker of the car to verify that our colors match exactly with the colors of the original cars.The final assembly of our models is not so different from an actual car manufacturer, just on a smaller scale. We use a motorized assembly line to move our model cars from step-to-step, with over 70 unique parts to assemble. Each of our cars is exclusive and hence, we stamp every car with a unique serial number.

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