Triple 9

The Triple9 Collection is a brand new, exclusive series of limited edition 1:18 scale  GreenLight Collectible cars that premier in December 2011.  Triple9 will be distributed exclusively by three distributor partners around the globe. This series will be extremely limited in production quantities – 1 of 999 pieces each time a Triple9 Collection release hits the market.The name “Triple9” comes from the fact that a total of 999 cars will be produced per release. The maiden vehicle for the series is a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback in orange with silver stripes.  The ’68 Mustang tool premiered in the GreenLight product mix during 2011, so this is one of the first few items to be released on this new tool.  This casting has been extremely popular since its introduction to the market earlier this year as the Bullitt/Steve McQueen ’68 Mustang.

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