Lledo launched the Vanguards range in 1996, which specialized in replica classic British cars, and later, other European vehicles. The first model was the fourth update of the Ford Anglia (1959-1968) (Anglia Models 2002-2012). With Hillmans, Jowetts, Wolseleys, Rovers, Triumphs, Vauxhalls, Austins, Morrises and Jaguars, many traditional British marques were represented and the line grew to more than 40 different vehicles.The Vanguard line, often called the “Fifties and Sixties Classic Collection” was notable for keen attention to detail. For example, the handsome Sunbeam Alpine Mark II featured accurate decals for logos and scripts on the body of the car, chrome gas cap, door handles, and trunk hinges. Body colored rims with whitewall tires added to the sophistication of the finished model. Rear view mirror and accurate windshield wipers were also offered. Like many Lledo models, the Alpine came with rear view mirrors separate that could then be affixed to the car. To put the car back in the box one had to remove the mirrors – so a word of advice – don’t glue them on the car .British trucks were also produced in this line including Ford Transit vans and Ford Thames Trader truck, Commer dropside, Morris commercial van, Dennis F8 fire engine, Bedford S Type trucks, Land Rover LWB and Defender and Karrier boxback, among others. Later, the Volkswagen Transporter van was included in many different liveries – for example in bright yellow with the Bosch Auto Electrical logo. Vanguards were a departure from earlier Lledos, as they were produced in a consistent 1:43 scale.

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